Drag not releasing selected object

Problem: When I force-click click the bottom of an event in BusyCal with my Magic Trackpad, then drag up or down to change the event's duration, when I raise my finger to "release" the drag, then touch the pad to move the cursor elsewhere entire event suddenly jumps up or down. It's like I'm still holding my finger on the pad, so it remains in the dragging mode.

However, this doesn't happen with the Mac's Calendar app. But it does happen when I try use the Mac's color picker to select one of the crayons. I click one and it stands up to show it's selected, but when I move the cursor other crayons stand up, like I'm still force-clicking the pad.

If I quit BTT, dragging works fine. When I restart it, it's fine until the first time I use my 2-finger double tap to start mouse drag. From then on, until I restart BTT, the drag stops releasing, like I'm continually force-clicking.

Any idea what might be causing this?