Drag Actions within VNC works with BetterSnapTool, but not BetterTouchTool

Drag Actions within VNC works with BetterSnapTool, but not BetterTouchTool.

Mac Mini 2012 & 2014 both w/MacOS 10.15.6 (host running BST/BTT)
Macbook Pro 2012 w/MacOS 10.15.6 (vnc client running)

Example Screencast:

My workaround solution will be to start using BetterSnapTool again, by default at login, since I am currently not using some of the BetterTouchTool features very often and can just launch that when I'm physically at a Mac as needed. Or until BetterSnapTool is no longer supported (which maybe/hopefully won't be for a while).

I didn't expect a reply so quickly, so thanks for even the acknowledgment.

what do you mean by drag action? What happens with BTT?

Sorry, Snap Areas (dragging to top, corners). I don't use it for much more than that, but bought BetterTouchTool for future support.

I have a few Macs and access them from VNC at various times. When I'm in a VNC session I can snap windows when I have BetterSnapTool running (from the Mac App Store), but not when I have BetterTouchTool running.

I've edited the original post and added a screen recording link (should stay public for at least 30 days if not until I cancel dropbox). Let me know if it's not viewable and I can fix or upload to youtube.

I am using Apple's Screen Sharing app on a daily basis. I have a Mac Pro in a server room that I work on daily. I was hoping to use BTT on that machine but have found none of the snapping/window sizing work while remoted in. Is there a setting or other that will get the window sizing working on that machine?