"Doesn't contain" option in Conditional Activation Groups

I'd like to have different gesture controls for YouTube and non-YouTube websites. "Contains YouTube" works, but then I always have to chose between the two functions associated with the gesture. I'd like to define a set of gestures for website, whose does not contain YouTube. Is this possible? Btw I use Safari.


When creating an activation group you can choose between "ANY" "ALL" or "NONE" on the top left. If you select NONE, it will match only if none of the conditions are true.

So you can select none and then check for "contains" youtube.

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But I also have "appName is Safari". Then this would also be NONE, right?

Ah then you need a nested condition, to create those hold the option key while pressing the "+" (add rule) button:

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Works for non-Youtube sites, but on Youtube I still have to choose between the two functions. I deleted the gesture in the general Safari tab. :confused:

Interesting, I'll check if that's a bug!

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It seems to work correctly for me like this:

I did the same as you, but on Youtube I have to choose the shortcut. :confused:

My gesture ist the FORCE Click Bottom Left. "F" for Youtube" and "COMMAN-Shift-R" for Non-Youtube. Can you test this?

Are you sure you have selected "All" as the first option top left?

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Your are right... now it works! Sorry for the confusion!
Thank! :slight_smile:

Awesome, glad you got it to work!

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