Does anybody struggling with touch function with magic mouse for jamming?

I'm using latest BTT with magic mouse 2 on Monterey 12.1, on Mac mini M1 (2020).

I set a few touch-based functions like left tap as a left click, right tap as a right click.
The problem is that sometimes the tap doesn't work. When I check whether the tap is recognized by the mouse in machine level by using "Show Live View" function in BTT, it is perfectly fine; no matter how fast, often I tap the mouse, the screen shows me the round right away on where I tapped.

However, the messege on it (e.g., 31:926 Finger Tap left - Left Click) does not change, which means the tap was not processed by BTT, I guess.
The example pic is below:

I did right tap but it was not recognized by BTT, while it was done by device.

It happens so often that it is super annoying. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. If there is someone knowing why this happens and how to solve this, please let me know and I will give you a big hug.

Thank you in advance.

Just to make it sure, I tried to set the tiptap sensitivity as lowest value (lighter touch) but it didn't work.