Do trackpad clicks only trigger after release?


I'm trying to emulate a middle click as per the preset you shared here : - Great Tools for your Mac!

But after multiples tries, I'm never able to make it work. It seems as though the three finger click gesture only triggers after release of the click. If this is the case, how can I start the hold since it triggers only after my fingers don't touch the trackpad anymore?

Thank you for your support!

This is confusing, since all "clicks" are triggered on release.. even with a basic mouse.

I see. But what I mean is that I can't seem to be able to trigger « Key Down » on « Mouse Down ». If I choose to « Send Key Down » on my mouse click gesture, I always have to stop holding the click for it to trigger... So I can't have a « hold the mouse button to hold the key » action which I would need.

Is it clearer? If so, is it something I should be able to do with BTT ?

Thanks for the reply.

@emma You want to hold down certain modifiers (⌃⌥⇧⌘) with a mouse click? Is this supposed to be a simulation of hyper key?

If so, this is theoretically possible with the predefined actions and a cycle action.

For example: click, command down and held. Click again command released.

I say theoretically because that doesn't always work correctly with multiple modifiers.

@Frank1 No, I want to keep holding the trackpad click to simulate holding a middle click. Not clicking once for mouse down and then clicking again for mouse up. Just a good old mouse click that you can hold. With my trackpad (M1) I can only hold the "real" left and right click. I can't hold the middle click created via BTT.

Is it clearer?

Thank you for trying to help!

Yes, it was already clear before. Although you can choose only down or up or both for custom clicks, "down" doesn't work. My hint was just a workaround :man_shrugging:

Ha! I did not get that what I was asking wasn't possible. Too bad...

But thanks for the response!

Sorry for the late response. I have been away for a bit.

The preset you shared works for emulating (and holding) a middle click, however it works a bit different from what you expected.

1.) Click with three fingers
2.) Release the click BUT keep at least one finger touching the trackpad. While at least one of your fingers is touching the trackpad the middle click is pressed down. E.g. in a CAD app you could pan around with one finger after you triggered the three finger click.
3.) Remove the last remaining finger from the trackpad to release the middle click

Aaaahhh ! I see now. Thank you for the support.

And by the way, I use BTT to play Path of Exile with gestures instead of the keyboard. I thought I would share since I guess it's not your typical everyday use of BTT. But it works, really well ! hehe.

Great work, M. Hegenberg !