Do a logical sequence of image clicking

So I'm trying to to use Btt's image clicking capabilities (i've used keyboard maestro before seeing if each easier/better in better touch tool for science) but I'm kind of brainfarting on the logic of it :). So here is what I'm trying to do:

Toggle between chatgpt 4 and gpt4o with a keyboard shortcut. The steps:

Click the gpt4 or gpt4o icon whichever is visible (only use those two) and consequently click the other model.

Where I get confused is whether I need to use the "if image visible on screen condition" or do I use find image on screen & move mouse? Im then using left click without modifier keys that's correct I hope. And lastly some delays between where needed. I've now garbled everything together and it doesn't work at all lol better to come on here and just ask :slight_smile:

Can you attach an export of the whole action sequence? (rightclick the trigger hat executes the actions, "export selected triggers to file")

exported_triggers.bttpreset (82.6 KB)
here it is. note that it's just something not very right since I gave up since I thought I was going the wrong way maybe.

I'll have a look!

However maybe you could just use the model parameter in the URL?

E.g. or

but the problem with that is that it resets the convo :slight_smile: I often change model midconvo