Disappearing triggers

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Triggers seem to disappear (from both old and new UI's) when trying to reorder items and subitems in new UI. But the trigger is not gone and can still be activated by URL with its GUID.

I was looking for a way to demote the first item and make the second item first. I had hoped that the new UI enabled this.

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Don't think it's relevant, but "Other"

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I can't screenshot the lack of a thing :wink:

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    Macbook Pro 2017
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can you reproduce this somehow?

I can try. I'll followup if I can figure out steps reliably do it.

Is there anything I can send you from the existing system, where the trigger is responsive to the URL, but doesn't appear in the UI anywhere?

When I export the default settings, I do see the GUID that I use in the URL and the rest of the associated actions.

you could send me that export (andreas@folivora.ai)


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