Disabling two finger swipe gestures with click event

I've been struggling to figure out a solution for the following issue for a while: I use the two-finger swipe left and right gestures to switch between tabs, and I have the sensitivity set a little lower than the default value. I unintentionally trigger the 2 finger swipe action when highlighting text or taking a screenshot, so I set a BTTCustomVariable to enable and disable the gestures. This is a suboptimal solution but has been working for me for the moment. I think this problem could be solved by adding an option to disable, two-finger swipe events while a click is held.

To be more clear: During a two-finger swipe event, no click occurs, just a swipe across the top of the trackpad. While highlighting text, where the confusion happens, one finger holds down a click on the trackpad while the other drags to highlight text. This inadvertently triggers a swipe event. By disabling two-finger swipe gestures they wouldn't be triggered while highlighting or taking a screenshot but would still work in all other intended situations. I hope this feature would solve a problem for other users!

Alternatively, if anyone has found a convenient workaround for this particular problem I'd love to hear it! Thanks for listening, please upvote if you would find this helpful. :slight_smile:

I have this problem. Highlighting text activates a two finger swipe left.

Would love to see this! I use 2 finger swipe for changing the page and have encountered this problem when taking screenshot it will cancel to change the page.