Disabled keyboard shortcut interferes with identical keyboard shortcut

When I troubleshoot BTT keyboard shortcut, I usually keep a disabled version with the same shortcut keys assigned. This has worked fine for more than a year, until recently, say in the past couple of months. Now, some versioned keyboard shortcut will lead to a beep but no action. It looks like the disabled (grayed out) keyboard shortcut is somehow called by BTT. If I delete the disabled keyboard shortcut, the remaining enabled one works as expected.

I cannot recall when this starts to happen, but I first noticed the problem during the winter break. It took me a while to figure out the root cause. Most disabled shortcuts are not producing interference, but some do and the interference is getting more often.

I am not sure if this bug is related to a recently resolved bug of Specific App Did Launch. There, multiple "did launch" actions interfere with each other. My BTT preset is about 1MB, the vast majority being keyboard shortcuts.

@Andreas_Hegenberg I think I identified the conditions to reproduce this problem. If a keyboard shortcut is already existing in macOS (e.g. control-command-I in Finder), then I cannot have a disabled keyboard shortcut in BTT using the same combination. With a disabled keyboard shortcut, even if another identical shortcut is enabled in BTT, the system will revert to interpreting the shortcut as the macOS default shortcut. Could you please resolve this bug?