Disable Trackpad click when using BTT

Hey community,

Just bought BTT, it works great!
Im trying to find a way to disable the Trackpad click when im touching the touchbar when BTT is active.
Does somebody knows this?

Really appreciate it if somebody knows how.

Thanks in advance.

What exactly do you mean by disable the trackpad click? What is your use case?

I don't think this is currently possible with BTT though.

When i click on an icon from BTT on the touchbar, the trackpad clicks. How do i disable the trackpad click?

Settings > Touch Bar > Advanced > Use haptic feedback globally... uncheck this. And the default haptic feedback settings above it. Is that what you mean?

Yes, that is great.

Much appreciated

I have a similar but somewhat different issue. I have an older MacBook...no touchbar. But I want to use my Magic Trackpad without the loud click when I press hard. Need to use in a quiet setting.