Disable Group should disable all actions within Group

When disabling/enabling a group, wouldn't it make more sense that all actions contained within that group be disabled/enabled along with it? I thought that was one of the main reasons for creating groups. What does enabling/disabling groups currently do anyways?

Which trigger type are you looking at ? (Groups behave slightly different depending on the trigger type)

Pretty much all of them. By curiosity, what does disabling a group currently do? Are there any reasons why they shouldn't disable all contained actions for some triggers?

For example Touch Bar groups are not visible when disabled, but can still be shown using the "open group" action. This is used in many presets to open groups on specific events but not clutter the touch bar.

However for most other trigger types, disabled groups should disable their triggers. There might be a bug that prevents this at the moment.

I see, I don't have a Touch Bar, but from what I've experienced so far disabling groups for Trackpad, Keyboard, MIDI and Other triggers doesn't disable their contained actions.

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