Disable CMD+Z in OneNote?

Is it possible to disable a shortcut key, like CMD+Z undo, in OneNote?

Create a new app specific group using the plus on the bottom left of the BTT window, choose OneNote. Then, add a new keyboard shortcut ⌘Z, and do not give an associated action.

This should do it :wink:

Awesome, that did it! For those interested in why I asked, it's because there's been some recent update where Cmd+Z doesn't undo the last action performed in a OneNote page but instead deletes the entire page. I was typing in a page all morning, pasted something into it that I didn't mean to, hit Cmd+Z to undo my last action but instead of undoing my paste, the entire page was removed. Ugh.. I lost a morning's worth of notes!

If there is a menu bar item called "undo" or something like that, you can give ⌘Z as associated action "Toggle menu bar item" and toggle that menu bar item. This way you keep the "natural" feeling of ⌘Z.

That's even better! Thank you!

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