Disable BTT when in text field

Hi there,
would it be possible to disable BTT as soon as the cursor is in a text entry field and enable it again as soon as it leaves the text field again?? I've tried to find a way with the conditional activation group but wasn't able to find a solution, yet. It seems I always need to trigger disable BTT with a keystroke and then I would be able to to add the "focused_element_role:AXTextField" argument.

If the text fields in question have the AXTextField role you can use a conditional activation group like you said.

You can then either disable BTT completely for that group, or disable specific actions:

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Thanks so much! Could have spent a little more time thinking about it and go through the settings myself :see_no_evil: but this totally did the job! So thanks for taking the time! Really appreciate it!

oh one quick follow up question: is that correct that "visible_window_list" is only available in the conditions for a single keyboard shortcut and not for a group? It is not in the dropdown menu in the advanced conditions settings. I tried adding it manually as code in the little window at the bottom, but it just wouldn't save it.

Yes. The there is a important difference between a conditional activation group and the advanced trigger conditions:

  • CAGs will always activate once a specific condition becomes true. For this to be performant, the conditions need to have some sort of notification mechanism, so BTT does not need to poll the various variables.
  • Advanced Trigger Conditions only need to be evaluated when the specific trigger has been recognized. So adding a little performance overhead is not a problem.

The visible_window_list is one (of many) examples, where BTT needs to actively poll the state from the system. That's why it is (currently) only available in advanced trigger conditions

Thanks so much for taking the time to explain everything! Again, really appreciate it. That does make sense to me now :+1: