Differentiate between windows with the same name?

@Andreas_Hegenberg Unfortunately, there are apps that can have several windows with the same name open. It is therefore not possible to select a window by name. But in my case, these windows with the same name are spread across different screens.

Would it be possible to restrict the search of a window name to a specific monitor? Perhaps this action could be extended? Or do you see another way?

restricting to a display should work, i’ll have a look!

That would be great, thank you!

I don't mean the finder, but let's take this example. Why can't the windows be called "Downloads 1 / 2 / 3 ..." so that they can be distinguished?

:man_shrugging: they could be, but apple decided not to

And presumably because apple made this decision, others have intelligently copied it. :joy:

correct ;-), maybe it’s mentioned somewhere in the human interface guidelines

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