Diferent keyboard devices with diferent shortcuts

I have a normal keyboard, and a macro keyboard i bought from aliexpress, and i want to remap the keys from the macro keyboard to do diferent things, but i cant find a setting or a way to do so.
Karabiner elements enables me to do "per divice" modifications, but to create macros on it, its kinda hard for me (editing json file etc).
The BTT UI is friendlyer, so i was wondering if theres a way to do a "per divice" (in this case "per keyboard") modifications.

you can use this setting:

I tryed that, but it didnt work. I tryed to change a key mapped to the letter "E" (on the macro keyboard) to do a "CMD+B" shortcut, but it maped to both keyboards (Macro keyboard and Normal keyboard).

This is the keyboard im trying to map:

by default the keys on it are mapped to A-L, and the dials from 1-6, including pressing hte dials.

The software to remap the keys only works on windows.... and thats why im trying to remap them on BTT.

This is the only way it can be done in BTT. If that doesn't work it's not possible (although that's very weird, maybe that macro pad identifies itself as apple keyboard to the system)

Which version of BTT & macOS are you using?

yes it does!

Is there a way to change that?

I don't think so ;-( it's hardcoded in the devices firmware

i see...
i didnt wanted to go back and forth from a windowns machine in order to change the key mapping... but so far... that might be the only way..

I was able to change simple key in karabiner elements, but i wanted to do macros on it.

i just might have to learn how to code theses changes.

Thanks for the help Andreas!

you can always use karabiner elements to trigger some shortcut or script that triggers some action in BTT :wink:

how would that work?

I have never used karabiner elements, but there are definitely ways to trigger scripts or shortcuts. With Apple Script you could e.g. trigger the "named triggers" setup in BTT:

ill take a look at it.

If i manage to make it work, ill update here!

Thanks for the help!!

So far ive discovered a more "crude" option.

I used Karabiber-Elements to change the A-O keys to "Mouse button #" keys.

Then, in BTT, i used Mouse configurations to change the Mouse buton key to a different shortcut..

This way, i belive it wont interfere with the normal keyboard keys.

These Mouse button keys go upwards to 30 something so... i dont belive ill run out of keys or combinations.

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