Dev Mouse Move Implementation Question

Hi Andreas et al,

Stackoverflow has completely failed me, and I know the answer is in the BTT code base, so I figured I'd ask here.

But first, love this software. 10/10. Been telling literally everyone I've ever known with a mac to get it since it was featured on Federico Viticci's blog way back in like 2009.

Brilliant. Beautifully elegant. Mad kudos. You have made the world a fundamentally better place.

I am a non-macOS software engineer, currently writing an app for personal use, that basically prevents this from going over 90.0 in a non-sandboxed app:

CGEventSource.secondsSinceLastEventType(CGEventSourceStateID.combinedSessionState, eventType: CGEventType(rawValue: ~0)!)

Tbh I'm using swift because, idk, it made sense. For a solution, realistically, would restart elsewhere if recommended.

Swift seems to be remarkably not google friendly so far, but I have tried to do everything I can find, and no matter how I move the mouse (which works for everything except the explicit, this counter does not get reset.

I'm not even sure if I'm posting CGEvents of any kind tbh. It looks like it may even be silently deprecated with permission changes?

And I basically was about to give up, but then I was like "well, BTT does all the good stuff, let me see if its mouse movement macros post events" -- and it does.

So my big question then becomes: how is BTT doing this in the "Move Mouse To Position" Action, where it does post an event that resets that timer?

I suspect someone might know offhand what is being done and could throw me in the right direction, hopefully pretty easily.

Thank you!

And again, 10/10 love the app, with or without an answer, huge fan, thank you for making such a great app.