Detect sidecar gestures?

Hey, just wanted to ask - is it possible to detect some gestures done on iPad in BTT and create actions for those?

Mhh I assume the answer is no, but I'll open up Hopper and see whether I can find anything soon. (It would be pretty cool and I have to take a deeper look at sidecar anyways)

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thanks man, you're awesome! :slight_smile: Sidecar seems like a pretty good feature - you can even record the screen and it does not record the UI (emulated touchbar, shortcuts, virtual keyboard)...

Currently it's probably unintended but I love it - you can have BTT touchbar on MBP, and native app touchbar on the ipad. I can run app like ScreenBrush to draw on screen, use screenbrush controls from ipad and BTT from MBP.

I guess Sidecar is yet another area BTT could shine, surely if it's even doable :slight_smile: If not you then who?