Detect AutoSuggest control in the Touch Bar

I'm using an app called "Kiwi for Gmail", basically a version of Chrome specifically for accessing Gmail. As there is no Touch Bar support in this app, I've built one up in BTT which works brilliantly.

Problem is, when I'm typing an email message, I'm now missing the AutoSuggest bar that I would normally appear when typing.

I don't seem to be able to see anything in the "conditional activation group" options, but when using the app with BTT switched off, sometimes the Touch Bar is empty, sometimes it has the AutoSuggest bar – I would like my custom buttons to appear when the bar is empty, but not when the system has something to put there.

Is this possible?



late reply — you can make a button that hides the BTT touchbar. if this doesnt work, make a button to quit btt, then simply open it again in the dock when ready, or use Spotlight search to open it again