Detect Active URL in conditional logic modules

Using this Time tracking app Called TimeMator

It has these options to detect current active URL natively.

My current use case:
Detect if is active => Activate Do Not Disturb Mode

Without using any browser extensions to display website name in the window title,
Can this be supported natively in BTT ?


This menu doesn't have "Does not contain" So I could reverse the "Contains" conditions in another CAG

The way to do "does not contain" is by greating a "none of the following" subgroup:

You can create such a subgroup by pressing option while hitting the + button.

I want to add a "active url" condition at least for the most popular browsers, it's easy to do in general but the problem is it uses a lot of resources. I'm currently checking whether there is some other way.

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Worked for me with these settings:
Created 2 CAGs [DND ON, DND OFF]



Since BBT doesn't support DND on and off separately, the only action I could find is "Toggle DND.."
I had to create 2 Shortcuts just to switch DND ON and OFF

I want DND OFF to happen 30min after the CAG activation in case the meeting is still going and I switched to another window and if DND activates again, it DND should stay ON.
but it doesn't work as expected (Tested here with 5seconds)


Update: The DND ON should be active for 10sec at least for the DND OFF to work with this condition. so I think this won't work as I imagined :confused:

Would be great to have control over focus modes including DND ofc as actions and conditions in BTT.