Desperate 2 finder swipe does not work anymore

I changed some settings, and did not finde them good because I too often accidentally triggered a command, so I wanted to change the settings back but it would not work anymore. My 2 Finger swipe (Magic Mouse) left and right to change the desktop just does open all windows of the app (Expose). I do not know anymore what to do. I tried so much.
Maybe I have also set the wrong action. In the MacOS settings for the Trackpad it is called something like "swipe to next full screen Window". But I can't finde this command in BTT. But "next Desktop left/right) seems fitting, but I might be wrong. Please help if you can.

I disabled now display right/left and used the MacOS function of next full Screen Application. Now it's good again. Strong that it's not possible to make this setting in the BTT