Delete Last Item in Clipboard Manager When It Gets Blanked (Passwords)

Hi there,

I think the isn't, but do you have any idea to handle this scenario? For passwords that get copied to the clipboard, usually passwords managers can be configured to blank the clipboard after a set amount of time. I'd like for, when that happens (=clipboards gets blanked), previous entry gets deleted to. Is it possible?

This will avoid having and endless list of passwords mixed with the rest of the entries in Clipboard Manager, that then I need to remember to search and delete!

By the way, I know about the concealed copy and excluding apps from being managed by the Clipboard Manager. But this occurs mostly for extensions in Safari that copy passwords, OTP codes and blank them after a minute. I can't blacklist the whole Safari from going into the Clipboard Manager; hence why I'm asking this question.

The only thing I've found is this thread from 2019, but with no meaningful responses on how to achieve this.


mhh any password manager worth its‘ money should mark passwords as concealed.
I will soon add some scriptability to the clipboard manager that would allow you to script this (e.g. if empty content recognized, delete item xy)

That would be great @Andreas_Hegenberg, looking forward to that possibility!

I agree that most (if not all) Password Managers mark passwords as concealed but think that most (some) of them also have extension within browsers, where they behave as the full-fledged app. Particularly, in Safari. I'm not an Apple developer, but I'm thinking maybe they don't have the possibility to mark them as concealed while running under that extension security model?

I haven’t looked into the details, but e.g. 1 password manages to do this with the safari extension