Default Touch Bar button color

Is there a way to find out what's the default color RGB the default touch bar control strip buttons are using? I'd like to fully match the shade of my own buttons to those.

You can use a color picker on a screenshot from the Touch Bar, not sure if there is anything more to it.

The color picker gives me these values:

HEX: #444444

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I tried, but the colors don't match. From their docs I got 42 42 42 (RGB) but it's a different shade. #444444 is too bright, but it's pretty close. #3C3C3C is super-close, but at daylight, I can see the difference depending on what angle I look from. Sorry I'm being picky, just trying to find the color they're using. The docs say we should not rely on only one color (?) so dunno about the magic needed here. :smiley:

Maybe some dynamic color adjustment going on depending on the light etc.

A color picker returns the same values for BTT buttons set to #444444 and for the system buttons - most likely there is nothing more that can be done. On my Touch Bar they look exactly the same right now - are you sure it's not a optical illusion? :smiley: The color of the text also makes a big difference on how the background is perceived.

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Yeah, might be psychological, playing with my eyes. All good, we found a good enough solution. Thanks!

Update: No, #444444 is definitely not our color for Control Strip. :hugs:
It's definitely something closer to #3C3C3C. :smiley:

Update 2: IT'S #373737!!! :smiley: