Date and time widget language

Since a couple of days, my date and time widget shows day of the week in English, when before it was showed in my language, Spanish. Nothing strange in my settings, last version of BTT and Mojave, any idea of what can happen?
Thanks in advance!

Would be great if you'd try whether the latest alpha 2.462 already solves this for you! (get via check for alpha version updates)

Jumm, doesn't seems to work properly, you can take a look a my screenshots, thanks!

after updating alpha 2.462, The weather language problem has not been solved. It is still displayed in English only.

Yeah, and the codes become crazy a bit haha. Thanks.

I have added another workaround to v2.643 alpha, would be great if you'd try that.

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Andreas, now working fine as expected. Thanks a lot!!!

Sorry, but the problem is back...

You can currently override the language using this terminal command:

defaults write com.hegenberg.BetterTouchTool BTTLanguageOverride "de"

Make sure BTT is quit and replace "de" with whatever language code you want. This is only temporarily necessary.

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Thank you for the quick-n-dirty fix, it works :slight_smile: