Database error when I add paste actions in a subfolder of custom menu

Hello people

I've assigned the middle mouse button to a custom menu in my terminal app to execute some commands.
I've put a few commands in the main custom menu and they work (by pasting text)

I've created a folder in this main menu to put some more commands that has to do with the app exiftool.
none of these commands work see screenshot

Those exif commands used to work before
Am I missing something here?

I have a mac mini Ventura 13.5.2
btt version 4.273

Thanks for reporting! This is a bug, I'll fix it asap.

For now, it should work if you delete the action and add it again.

Hi Andreas,

I tried that, to delete the action and add it again but I get the same error.

it's ok, I'll wait for the next update.

BTT is a awesome great app btw :slight_smile: