Dark Sky API Shutting Down in 2021

The Dark Sky API is shutting down in 2021 due to Dark Sky being acquired by Apple. The API is not accepting any now signups and will shut down by the end of 2021. BTT should probably find another source for weather data.


Jup I'll switch to a different service when the time comes - maybe Apple will give Mac Apps a way to access the data.

Hopefully they make the data available but Apple isn't exactly known for making their platform more open.

Might not need to - if a new weather app based on Dark Sky is integrated in macOS, BTT might be able to get the data from that app :slight_smile:

But if not there will be other ways to get weather information. (I was looking at openweathermap anyways because DarkSky costs me about $500 per month and is only going up). OpenWeatherMap would only be $180 at the moment.