Dark Mode an Search for Image

@Andreas_Hegenberg For the sake of my tired eyes, I now work more often in dark mode. This has the disadvantage that "search image" and click no longer work, because the images look different.

Before I just do anything. What would you suggest? I was thinking of a CAG. If the mac is in dark mode, then search image A, otherwise image B. But unfortunately there is no such option. Thanks.

Good question. I will add a new option to add a second image for when dark mode is active. Never thought about this :slight_smile:
You could workaround it by using some if conditions, but it would be quite a bit of work.

I think I can add a second image option very quickly.

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That would be wonderful :slightly_smiling_face:
I never noticed it either because I never worked in dark mode before. What age does to you. :joy:

4.314 now has an option to search a different image in dark mode.
(There is now also a new action to search for text instead of an image)

Both actions seem to work very well :slightly_smiling_face: However, one basic problem remains. Which text or image do I mean when several of the same appear? Not so important, but perhaps one could indicate with a variable frame, where on the screen / in the window BTT should search exclusively. Wouldn't that increase speed and reliability? I mean something like this.

Yep, I noticed the same while working on the "Find Text On Screen" action. I'll soon add a way to limit the search to specific areas for these actions.

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