Cycle Through Multiple Actions Stops Working After Period of Time

Cycle through multiple actions works for a period of time and then stops. It resumes working once I reopen the BTT window, then stops working again after a few minutes. I've tested Cycle Through Multiple Actions with different keys and it all does the same thing. I've restarted my computer as well.

I have the "`" set to toggle between &, * and (. I've tried it to have it toggle between F2, F3, F4 as well and the same happens. I also have the HUD overlay set to show when the shortcut is triggered and does when it works, but then doesn't show it after a minute or so when the shortcut stops working. It also makes no differences whether I have Reset Cycle After Timeout is on.

Device information:

that’s strange, I’m cycling through various things as well (but on macOS 14). Could you go to Help -> Export Diagnostic Debug Information and send the result to me? (best right after reproducing the issue)

Thank you so much for the quick reply!