Custom Touch Bar keeps disappearing

For the last week or two, it seems my custom touch bar keeps disappearing, and switching to the MacOS touch bar.

Sometimes sleep, sometimes just goes away. I'm not clear on exactly when it happens, but it happens a few times a day.

Opening BTT brings it back sometimes, and sometimes it brings up a touch bar that has a button to show the custom one.

I have not made any changes to my BTT config, but I did update to an alpha recently. I've since gone back to the latest stable version, and it's still happening.

Sorry for the lack of extensive testing to find the exact cause, but I'm wondering if there is a known issue here.

Have you already tried updating to the latest build? There has been a issue on one of the previous builds that could cause this

Happens with the latest alpha and latest stable versions.

Seems to be whenever the touch bar darkens, so not when the computer goes to sleep.

Just messaged you my debug export.

I'm on a Macbook Pro M1.