Custom Tap Sequence: 3 fingers for mouse & trackpads?

(Reposting this from GitHub.)

Currently the only available Custom Tap Sequence (or the only entry under "Your Own Gestures", for that matter) is using 4 fingers on trackpads. Is it possible to also offer this for 3 fingers only, and especially for the Magic Mouse? This would, first and foremost, enable "1-2-3" taps (left, middle, right, or vice versa), which I think are amongst the easiest and most natural movements for human fingers in general. The Magic Mouse has enough space for three fingers, and I also don't see why trackpads should not have three-finger sequences. (In fact, I believe tap sequences more complex than simple left-to-right would be much easier to memorize and execute with three fingers than with four.)

Just bought BTT last night and I was thinking this same thing. In fact, why not include 2 and 3 finger tap sequences?