Custom Snapping Issue

I am having an issue with custom snapping areas. I am trying to set it up with a large one in the center, a medium one on the left, and a pretty thin one on the right. It seems to work EXCEPT, when I try and drag a window onto the right one, the grey boundaries are not what we set them to on the center one (it is hanging over onto the one on the right a little, and no matter where you drag, it snaps to the center one instead of the right one. Perhaps this has to do with running two monitors...the center one is like 47" 5K?

I think I might not understand, could you post a video of the behavior? In general there should not be a problem wit multiple monitors.

Video of me trying to move a window into the rightmost custom area on the right...and yet it decides that it should be in the middle one.

Any ideas on this issue?

I think this is a misunderstanding of how snap areas work, because they seem to behave as intended in your video (however they don’t make sense like this).

I‘m not on my computer today, but will post an example tomorrow. You can also find various tutorials on Youtube

I have three custom areas but cannot drag anything into the one on the right as it jumps into the middle one...that can't be the right behavior. What is the point of the areas that appear if when I drag a window into one it ignores it and jumps to a different one?

custom snap areas consist of two parts:

1.) the visible part that shows up when you drag a window. This does NOT define the size or position a window will snap to. That visible part can be placed wherever it’s convenient for you, it can be small or big. It can even be just a little square somewhere in the corner of the screen.

2.) the definition of how a window will be resized after dragging it into the visible part. That definition is created by the window you use as template when creating the snap area. You get a preview of how the widow will be resized when dragging it into the visible part.

I think your understanding was that the visible part will be where the window is moved/resized to, but that’s not the case.

Ah, okay, I didn't get that, and had no idea I set the two parts up separately...