Custom snap area gestures fail

Hey guys, I have this long lasting issue with gestures triggering custom snap area. I set up different gestures for snap to left/right/full screen and they work fine, but I also have one gesture to trigger a custom snap area and it constantly fails to do it. When I restart BTT it works, but then it suddenly stops to. I tried deleting and setting up a new area - the issue persists.

Now on BTT 4.258, but it was the issue for a long time. Had this bug on all versions of Ventura

In general I would recommend the "Custom Move / Resize" action instead of triggering a snap area because that is much less complex and should be able to achieve the same. (For triggering a snap area, BTT needs to spin up the whole snap area subsystem).

Still, of course this should work. I will try to reproduce it. Is it a keyboard shortcut you use to trigger the area?

This solved it, thank you so much!

I use Magic Mouse and Trackpad gestures for that.