Custom MX master 3 side button bindings

Hi everyone,

I'm new to BTT and been playing around with a few of the features. It's a pretty amazing tool when combined with the mx master 3. Currently I have the MX side buttons bound to 'cmd + [' and 'cmd + ]' and through BTT modify that to represent forwards and backwards navigation OR zoom in and out. However what I'd really love to do is basically create schema where if I click the MX side button on it's own it triggers one command (eg forwards) BUT if I click the MX side button concurrently with another modifier eg 'shift' then it triggers another command (eg zoom in). Problem is the MX side button doesn't register as a normal button which I can modify through BTT hence why i've bound it to 'cmd + ]' or 'cmd + ['. Would appreciate any help to resolve this issue :slight_smile: