"Custom Move / Resize Window" Action is bugged

It is impossible to set a window to the same position from the "Center Window on Next Monitor" Action with the "Custom Move / Resize Window" Action.

This can be easily reproduced. Open "System Settings" (Small window with low max width and height limits). In BTT set the "Center Window on Next Monitor" Action on a trigger and test it on the opened "System Settings". Now try to mimic the position with the "Custom Move / Resize Window" Action on any other trigger.

To reproduce the exact same behavior use these settings:

Ok, I figured, that I didn't communicate well, what I want to achieve. And comparing it to the "Center Window on Next Monitor" is plain stupid. My bad.

This shouldn't even be a bug report, but rather a feature request or something like that.
What I simply want to achieve is, to resize the window and center it and that seems not to be possible. The window is deferred.

Now that I'm talking about it, I'm not even sure, how valuable that is, but yeah...I guess that is another topic.

Reszing and centering would work like this:

That actually does not work. Try with the system settings window or BTT and you will see that is not really in the center.

Works for most windows, but not with the ones, that have a certain minimum size.

it's perfectly centered here, are you sure you have the same settings?

Yes, can I upload something here? I could record it. I'm on a 34" monitor though. 21:9 aspect ratio.

Ah I understand your issue now. If a window can not be resized to the specified size it won't be centered correctly.

I'll check whether I can add a second pass that verifies the position after the action has been executed.

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