custom menubar icons not showing up on startup right away

Does anyone know why my custom menubar icons are taking so long to show up after start up?

better touch tool is an app that has to be launched like every other app.
if you have a hdd inside your mac, it might take longer to launch apps than if you use a ssd for example.

No that’s not the issue I’m having. BTT starts fine at startup. Just the custom menubar items take forever to start up.

To show up*

you mean the ones configured in the named & other triggers section?

Yes those

I'll have a look! At the moment they seem to appear right after restart BTT on my machine though.

Interesting, mine take minimum 5 minutes... sometimes they don't come back at all and sometimes they don't come back for 10+ minutes... I just have the one which is used to toggle my AirPods... Let me know if there is anything you want me to do to help narrow it down.

Just to be sure: you have enough free space in your menubar? (because macOS hides items that would block the standard menu items)

Yea I have got plenty of room.... also, I might have to add another issue... now the icon is looking all weird.Quite possible that that's a completely unrelated issue.

Weird. What macOS version are you running?

I am on a fresh install of the latest Catalina.

Okay the problem with the discolored icon, I believe I fixed... still takes awhile for it to show up though after starting up.