Custom Context Menu with submenu - can't change submenu name from "New Group"

I have a custom context menu (OLD version) in the Mac menu bar which is working with a submenu but not in the standard Mac way because it requires clicking to show the submenu and then the main menu disappears and only the submenu stays open, disconnected from the Mac menu bar.

With the NEW version of the custom context menu I can almost make it work, except for the fact that, unlike normal menu items, the submenu entry of the main menu is always named "New Group", ignoring the name I provide.

Pictures attached. Am I missing something here?


Instead of using another "Show Context Menu" action create a new group via the little folder icon on the bottom.

However you are right, this configuration should also be supported and I just fixed it for the next release (then your configuration will also work fine)

Worked perfectly, thank you!

Andreas: Just to give you a friendly reminder. It would be really useful if this menu could float. I was hoping this would work with the new pin feature, but unfortunately not. Keyboard Maestro calls it "floating palettes" and it has a lot of fans. Apparently some buy the app just because of that, no idea if that's true :slight_smile: