Current widget width

It would be useful to get the current width of a touch bar widget with a dynamic width, such as the Next Event / Reminders widget. Currently the scripting function get_trigger returns a width value, BTTTriggerConfig.BTTTouchBarButtonWidth, which has the set width for widgets with a fixed width (or 100 if not fixed width). It would be useful if there was a value for the currently displayed width. A Next Event widget that is not showing an event (and is not displaying "No next event") would return a current width of zero.

Why would this be useful? I currently have a touch bar widget that currently acts as a spacer (a "Search" button for Safari). It would be useful if this widget could change size depending on the width of the Next Event widget. If there is no Next Event, meaning the Next Event widget has a width of zero, then the Search button should have a width of 600. In other words, Search button width = 600 - Next Event widget current width.

I have the script in place to update the Search button width when Safari is activated, but it currently doesn't change anything because there is no accessible current width value for trigger.