Currency Conversion for Payment

I just purchased BTT for US$6.50.
At checkout this had ballooned to CAD$10.23!
This is outrageous.
I should be able to select the payment currency and have currency conversion done by my credit card company.
I don't know if the problem is you or Paddle.
Gouging customers is one way to lose them.

Wait, the checkout shows the correct currency after you select your country and zipcode.
I just checked for canada and it seems to work fine:

The current US base-price is $7.5, I think this converts to roughly 10.25 CAD? It is usually better for customers if the charge is in the correct currency, otherwise many credit cards charge extra conversion fees. I think the paddle conversions are updated regularly.

Now the price on the buy page is $7.50, but when I went to buy it was $6.50.

Yep the price changes sometimes and also depends on various things like added taxes or adaptions for some countries that I make based on sales numbers etc.
This is why it says that the final price will be shown during the checkout as the site itself is not updated very often.