CSS Properties in NotchBar (text color)

'I've figured out how to change most everything. But the actual size of the menu bar (I want it taller) and the color of the text. I want to make the bg white(figured that one out) and the text black, basically invert everything. I'm usually prettyu okay with CSS but I cannot for the life of me find either of these props

In case anyone is having a similar issue I have (partially) solved it for the menu items and the widget buttons (in my case volume and brightness sliders)

Menu items- no matter how I changed the variable in the variables file (~/Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool/NotchBar/BTTNotchBarVariables.css/--notchbar-menubar-button-color) it wouldn't change. Turns out in the main file there was another variable taking precedense. Changed that and it was easy.

Still can't figure out the status icons. He says in a comment in the code that it's likely on a "by-button basis" but I can't figure out how to change any of them. Very frustrating, I'd much prefer white.