Creating a sub-menu?

Is there a way to make expandable menus? I want to put a little utilities section on the right side of my touchbar, but I want to be able to expand and collapse it. Goldenchaos seems to have a multi-sized bar, but I don't see how I could decide what goes in that section.

I thought about putting a folder inside another folder, but that doesn't look possible. Does anyone have a solution for that? My fall back is to make a folder and have buttons inside of that, but it's not exactly what I'm looking for since it takes away my ability to customize with conditional activations, means if I hit escape it'll collapse the menu, etc.

I've run into this and apparently you can't make nested groups. However, I used a pseudo-workaround by making widgets that act as a group.

You can use a regular Touch Bar widget that shows others when it's tapped, by using some conditional display options for the widgets in the pseudo group.

Additionally, you might be able to include a conditional group(on the far left) that only shows when a particular group is open, and includes group widgets itself.
^^This sounds like a much cleaner solution, but I haven't tried it myself.

Thanks for the nudge on that — it's the solution I went for, but it does make using BTT a little wonky since I now have a ton of conditional things. But, for my actual time working, it behaves perfectly. Thanks!