Create new file in current folder issue


I‘m currently using the trial of BTT and one of my aim is to create an empty text file in a current opened finder window. I already created the keyboard shortcut and also the BTT popup to enter the filename pops up. But after that the new file will always be created on the Mac desktop instead of the opened finder window. Am I doing sth. wrong or is this a bug? Would be happy to get some help here from the community.

Thanks a lot.

@Andreas_Hegenberg can you support me here? Am I doing sth. wrong or is it a bug in the current version? I want to be sure before I spend some money into this tool and cannot use the functionalities which are required for me.
Short feedback via this support community would be great.

Thanks a lot :smiling_face:

After more than one week no feedback or support here by the community or developer :disappointed:

I guess I cannot except support here? Very annoying for a paid tool and a customer who is willing to buy it. I already tried to reach out to the developer but without any response. Not very trustful :disappointed:

sorry, currently on vacation and mostly replying to bugs/critical issues. In general I think this function should work fine, make sure BTT has all permissions it requested in System Preferences-> Privacy/Security

I’ll have a quick look this evening!

thanks for reply and explanation why I didn‘t receive any response for such a long time. Indeed I was able to fix it. The access to Finder under Automation tab in data privacy settings was not enabled. Now it‘s working.
Thanks a lot :grinning: