Create a "Love" and "Add to Library" button for iTunes with AppleScript?

Hey All,

I'm pretty new to AppleScript and am trying to create a button for iTunes in which I can "Love" a track or "Add to Library" if its not in it already. I'd love to put it next to the now playing script I got from toxblh in the presets vas3k shared. Can anyone steer me in the right direction?

I appreciate the help in advanced!

I would test something like

tell application "iTunes"
			add (get location of current track) to Library
end tell

This is inspire by this thread

But I have not test this so it is likely not working

Any update on this would love to do this as well

tell application ("Music")
	set liked of current track to true
end tell


tell application ("Music")
	set disliked of current track to true
	next track
end tell