Crashes still happen, trackpad freezes, touchbar freezes

I am still having these issues I reported in past, randomly and specially after wakeup the touchbar is frozen, the trackpad does not react on hard clicks, the icon in the top menu bar for the BTT displays a rainbow spinner, something is not working as it should.

It got worse after the last MacOS update.

I have already sent the reports to email - what else can I do?
It becomes unusable. I constantly have to wait because either BTT is totally "crashed" or it spins and hangs for a few minutes.

I observed this in activity monitor and see that the BTT app restarts itself even if we force quite it.

Over an over again.

@Andreas_Hegenberg - I am using BTT since now several years I believe and never had issues, but the last 2 weeks make me question my sanity.
What can we do please?
Something is wrong with the app. Why does it even try to restart itself when I force quit it?
No other app does that, and always when things start to go wrong (unreactive, freezing, etc), the BTT starts to spin with rainbows.
I then force quite and it restarts itself as seen in the activity monitor - and if I force quit it again it restarts itself again.

Up and until the issues stop just like the started just to start again a few hours later.

My Mac is almost new and up to date, I also made sure this time no other apps are messing around.

Have you looked if in the case when BTT freezes, also the TouchBarServer Process is running on 100% CPU?


I have this problem since the last Big Sur update (11.5.x) and since then BTT is hardly usable when it becomes the active app (e.g. Configuration or a WebView is showed). All other things run normally.

I also noticed that with the restart. Probably the BetterTouchProcess-PrioWatcher does that. It is also set to restart automatically. Actually, not so unusual for an app like BTT that provides services and mainly works in the background.

You can kill BTT without it relaunching using this terminal command:

killall BTTRelaunch && killall BetterTouchTool

Unfortunately I don't have much of an idea what could cause your issue yet. It doesn't seem to be something widespread but maybe @Dirk s problem is similar. Are you still able to type text when this happens? If so, could you create a sample of the BTT Process using this terminal command?

sample BetterTouchTool -file ~/Desktop/sample.txt

I will keep an eye on that.

I did not check the usage, I just went all nuclear because force-killing it restarted the app everytime right after.

Also just noticed, my volume slider is totally unusable since last MacOS update. Dragging the slider has a delay of like 5 seconds on the real slider.
When I use said slider usage spikes by 3 to 4% CPU usage, but does not max out.

No, usually even typing text stops working (that is mostly how I recognise that stuff is about to explode in my face).

Generally I am either writing some code or dragging some window from a to b and then suddenly I see nothing "happens"
At that point then the trackpad "freezes" which means, it still reacts to soft click (taps) but no hardclick (first or second level). Touchbar will be totally frozen/unreactive and this point, and when hovering the mouse over the top menu bar item of BTT I will see the rainbow.

Then I need to wait, and suddenly things come back with a backlog of actions. Thus all clicks nd such I did, are now done in light speed mode and only once all are done, things go back to normal.

Killing the app in force mode in activity monitor must kill the app, it cannot just restart. This is the same as doing it in the terminal, after all. It is what the feature is there for. Thus even if the terminal command would work more efficiently and not restart the app, I'd still not call that a solution. It is not how activity monitor is supposed to work when we force kill an app.
Even Adobe respects that force kill, and they are very stubborn in things "killing" apps (speak their updater).

About running the sampler command, I will try to do this next time it freezes, but I have low hopes to be able to type when it happens
I took a sample now while sliding the volume slider, maybe that already tells something?
I have sent that to you via the email.

Problem is you need to kill the BTT Watchdog, as it can not recognize that you have actively force quit BTT and it wasn't terminated by the system for other reasons. If you first force quit BTTRelaunch (the Watchdog) in the Activity Monitor, and then force quit BetterTouchTool it will not restart.

It's like killing e.g. the system's TouchBarServer process - it will immediately restart unless you quit the system watchdog as well. For normal apps like Adobe, the force quit should work of course, but in case of BTT it's not easy to achieve "expected" behavior here.

I'm currently looking into a bug introduced in macOS 11.5 which can cause freezes, but I'm not yet sure whether this is related to your issue as I think you have encountered it before 11.5, correct?

I encountered these issues maybe a week before my first post about (not sure when 11.5 was released)

I have today installed your last update which holds something related to freezes in 11.5 so... now testing and using it and will let you know if the issue is gone or changed!


I can already tell the sliders for volume control are back on working.
Before they had a horrible lag, it took sometimes 10 seconds to drag the volume by one step... now it is synchronous again.

the volume and brightness stuff is a bug in macos 11.5, not only BTT is affected by this. I hope Apple will fix this with the next update.

Sometimes it works for a while, but it will break again.

I noticed a similar issue after upgrading my MacBook to Big Sur about a month ago. I use several gestures on my tackpad, most commonly tiptap left/right to adjust the volume. After the update it usually took several seconds for it to adjust the volume and while waiting the MacBook completely froze and was at 100% CPU.

I found this thread yesterday, I had some time to look into this today and noticed that every time I triggered a gesture both BTT and a Wacom driver I use to support an external table would be at the top of the CPU usage for a short time. After removing the Wacom driver under the Accessibility Privacy settings and restarting the Mac the issue is now gone. For now I uninstalled the Wacom driver. Maybe this helps the others with solving the issue.

MacBook updated... and it seems all zappy again. Will keep an eye on it, but between BTT update and OS update it seems resolved..