Crash upon opening Configuration screen - may be Automations & Named & Other Triggers? (8.9 KB)

Describe the bug
Each time I click the BTT icon in the menubar and select Configuration, as soon as the configuration window appears the app crashes. The screen it tries to load Automations & Named & Other Triggers

I'm not nearly as tech-savvy as most of you. Hopefully what I've included makes sense as I can't determine why exactly it's crashing (though I suspect it's something with an automation or trigger). I've updated to the latest production version and it's still happening. Nervous about installing alpha version, but will if necessary.

Device information:

  • Type of Mac: MacBook Pro 13 (2019) - 1.4 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5
  • macOS version: Sonoma 14.1.1
  • BetterTouchTool version: 4.361 (43610)

From the console:

2023/12/21 06:37:23:198|LIC|ADD REGISTER MENU ITEM|
2023/12/21 06:37:23:208|xw|adapting icon state global 0 perApp 0 clip 0|
2023/12/21 06:37:29:383|PREFS|showing prefs <NSMenuItem: 0x600002056450 Configuration>|
2023/12/21 06:37:29:416|ASL|prepare <NSStoryboardSegue:0x60000063c5a0 identifier='(null)', source='<BTTMainUIStructureVC: 0x600003059520>', destination='<BTTAppListVC: 0x600003266ca0>'>|
2023/12/21 06:37:29:421|ASL|Warning: Column selection is not supported in view-based table and outline views (<BTTPreferencesTableView: 0x7ff674078a00>).|
2023/12/21 06:37:29:421|ASL|view did load BTTAppListVC|
2023/12/21 06:37:29:430|ASL|prepare <NSStoryboardSegue:0x60000078b180 identifier='EmbedTopMenuVC', source='<BTTMainUIStructureVC: 0x600003059520>', destination='<BTTTopMenuVC: 0x7ff67b73bfd0>'>|
2023/12/21 06:37:29:458|ASL|view did load BTTTopMenuVC|
2023/12/21 06:37:29:463|ASL|window did load BTTRootPreferencesWC|
2023/12/21 06:37:29:463|ASL|did set <BTTMainUIStructureVC: 0x600003059520> BTTMainUIStructureVC|
2023/12/21 06:37:29:463|ASL|did set <BTTConfigurationVC: 0x7ff67282a1e0> BTTConfigurationVC|
2023/12/21 06:37:29:463|ASL|did set <BTTLevel1VC: 0x60000344bc00> BTTLevel1VC|
2023/12/21 06:37:29:463|ASL|did set <BTTMainSplitViewController: 0x600003050b60> BTTMainSplitViewController|
2023/12/21 06:37:29:463|ASL|did set <BTTLevel3VC: 0x60000375bf00> BTTLevel3VC|
2023/12/21 06:37:29:463|ASL|did set <BTTOutlineModeVC: 0x600003455e00> BTTOutlineModeVC|
2023/12/21 06:37:29:463|ASL|did set <BTTConfigurationVC: 0x7ff672bd5bc0> BTTConfigurationVC|
2023/12/21 06:37:29:463|ASL|did set <BTTTopMenuVC: 0x7ff67b73bfd0> BTTTopMenuVC|
2023/12/21 06:37:29:596|LIC|ADD REGISTER MENU ITEM|
2023/12/21 06:37:29:723|ASL|change mode 0|
2023/12/21 06:37:29:723|NOTCH|setting notch bar mode 0 for window (null) onlyState 0 last 0|
2023/12/21 06:37:29:811|LIC|ADD REGISTER MENU ITEM|
2023/12/21 06:37:29:821|sync|became active|
2023/12/21 06:37:29:925|ASL|change mode 0|
2023/12/21 06:37:29:925|NOTCH|setting notch bar mode 0 for window (null) onlyState 0 last 0|
2023/12/21 06:37:29:969|ASL|did load level 3|
2023/12/21 06:37:29:998|UI|Level 1 Focused|
2023/12/21 06:37:30:003|SHORTCUT|SHORTCUT FETCH DISABLE 1|
2023/12/21 06:37:30:005|ASL|change mode 0|
2023/12/21 06:37:30:005|NOTCH|setting notch bar mode 0 for window (null) onlyState 0 last 0|
2023/12/21 06:37:30:067|SHORTCUT|SHORTCUT FETCH DISABLE 1|
2023/12/21 06:37:30:128|NEWUI|Loading Config Debounced|
2023/12/21 06:37:30:129|FORM|1UUID (null) == (null) editing 0 == 0|
2023/12/21 06:37:30:145|FORM|2UUID B80AC939-5470-4217-9C07-257E84D6A51B == (null) editing 0 == 0|

Could you go to Help => Export Diagnostic Debug Information and send the result to

Certainly, I'll do that right now... though I did already attach it (in a zip file) to the original bug report.

One thing that's interesting is when I changed my built-in display from "Default" (1440 x 900) to "Larger Text" (1024 x 640) and then opened BTT configuration, it didn't crash. To get it to crash again, all I had to do was scroll down the list of Groups & Top Level Triggers within Automations & Named & Other Triggers. Something below the Golden Chaos items seems to be the culprit.

I think this should be fixed in 4.364 alpha!