CPU 100% due to All Apps config to open links in Safari

BTT routinely goes to 100% after clicking several links on my computer. My current setup is:
Automation & Named & Other Triggers
-All Apps: Did Open: *; URL: {BTT_OPENED_URL}, Browser: Safari
-Slack: Did Open: *; URL: {BTT_OPENED_URL}, Browser: Chrome

Not sure if it matters, but WindowServer hangs around 900mb of memory, could just be my ultra wide though.

I checked CPU and found BTT using 103%. I disabled the config ONLY for the "All Apps" and immediately computer was more responsive and BTT dropped to 1-2%.

I reenabled it and BTT is staying around that level.

Upon restarting the computer, things run normally for a little bit of time, and then the CPU goes back to 100% for BTT.

M1 Pro, 14", 16GB, Ventura 13.0

sounds like there is some endless loop happening where BTT triggers itself. Could you go to help -> export diagnostic debug information and send the result to andreas@folivora.ai? Maybe I can see whether there is an issue with your setup or some bug.