Copying the actions within trigger to another trigger easy way?

I have some triggers with dozens of actions, that I'd like to combine with others, try sequences out.

When i try to copy paste actions between triggers, it either copies into the main trigger section and messes up my whole profile that I have the undo, or I can copy paste actions within a trigger but that usually doesn't work out clean and makes duplicates instead of in sequence that I have to reassemble, either way, it's a lot of manually moving things around.

Me too. Ever figure it out? If youre real unlucky, not only will it past in the wrong place, but it will paste with the wrong icon/name. So you delete the junk and realize you deleted triggers you wanted to keep : (

unfortunately not, and yeah I know what you mean, I stopped trying because it can really mess up your whole setup when it pastes triggers in wrong places, I just do it one by one if I ever need to.

I had also given up. But I think I just figured out the bug.

Try copying some actions and then pasting to a blank .txt file. You will see what the problem is.

If you copy just a couple actions, they paste fine. But copy all the actions of one trigger, and for some reason you get a big mess, which includes the top level group/trigger. (shouldnt be included in that copy of just actions)

If you export your preset and change the resulting file to be appended with .txt, you can open it and get a good feel for what proper syntax looks like.

Heres a couple screen shots to explain. See first one is great. 3 actions = 3 triggers.
Second one is 2 pages long and includes the top level trigger

including the top level trigger should not be a problem, when pasting into an existing trigger it should ignore that.

Maybe there is a bug with this, I’ll have a look!

I've used BTT for a couple years now, and this has always been a major bug for me, to the point of looking for other software. Copy and pasting top level triggers has always been a problem AND copy pasting groups of actions has always been a problem. I would love to have 100+ different triggers in BTT, but without copy and paste, I have to make each from scratch, so I have just a handful.

Usually copy pasting will result in every action forming a new top level trigger. Often in a different pane (like under keyboard instead of named triggers). And as I said above, even the new names will be corrupt, so deleting them is risky.

I was actually recording screen videos today for myself, hoping i could figure it out once and for all, and have a reference handy for how to do it right.

I just sent you a video of the bug in action. Hopefully you can follow the link (it includes a question mark at the end)

Just re-confirming the delete bug that goes along with it. Even days after pasting, and all the extra triggers showing up, deleting them causes my precious existing triggers to get deleted.

this forum can be tumbleweeds most of the time, that's why I give up a lot of ideas :disappointed:

@sdefs thanks for your video! I was able to reproduce it using these steps and will fix it with the next version.

I believe this should now be fixed in alpha 3.674 (get via "check for alpha version updates")

Thank you for addressing this long-standing bug