Copy Link to Activate Selected Trigger

When I use the "Copy Link to Activate Selected Trigger" function to initiate an action outside of BetterTouchTool, I get the following result for a "normal" trigger:

However, when I try to execute a "named trigger," I get the following:
btt://trigger_named/?trigger_name=FLOAT: Display-ZIP-: Floating Menu''

The latter, however, doesn't seem to work. But if I use "btt://execute_assigned_actions_for_trigger/?uuid=" and then insert the UUID of the named trigger, it works.

Is this a bug?

An additional note: I have activated the "Show notes instead of description" feature in the named trigger.

it’s probably the format of your name trigger. BTT doesn’t automatically escape any characters - depending on how you trigger it, that would be necessary.
I think I can add some basic auto escaping!

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It would be enough if, for the named trigger, you simply copy the UUID with "execute_assigned_actions_for_trigger" instead of using "btt://trigger_named/." That works well.