Copy and paste trigger & actions to another group

Hi, I've created a whole bunch of trigger & actions associated with the Touch Bar for a particular app. About 100 of them, nicely nested in folders so that I can find the one I want each time. I'm finding the horizontal scrolling of the touch bar through all of these a bit tedious, so I'm wanting to port them to BTT Remote in the same nested folders, groups, etc, which using vertical scrolling of the lists. Just a different way to trigger the actions using an iPhone next to the MacBook Pro rather than the built-in Touch Bar.

I can't seem to find a way to do this. Copy & Paste doesn't seem to work across from the Touch Bar section to the BTT Remote section. Is there a way to achieve this?

Bumping this question & request for support please.

Unfortunately this is not possible, Touch Bar triggers are much more flexible than BTT Remote triggers and come with completely different attributes (at least with the current version of BTT Remote - the upcoming new BTT Remote will become much more powerful). In general there is no logic in BTT that would convert one trigger type to another.

Maybe for the future I could add a simple conversion that just keeps the assigned action when converting to a different trigger type.