Copy an Element into another Preset (instead of move)

BTT can "move" an "element" into another preset. Can it also "copy" this element? So copy from preset Default to preset Test? Thanks.

yes, you can copy any trigger - then the "paste" will always happen in the currently selected master preset.

Sorry, I'm sure it's me, but I don't understand how. How do I copy something from Default to Touch Bar 2?

You'd need to select TouchBar 2 as Master. Pasting only works on the master preset.

So basically select TouchBar 2 as master, close the presets menu. Then copy & paste the triggers. If you copy a trigger from Default while TouchBar 2 is master, it will paste into the master preset (TouchBar2).

Ah, ok, yes that works. Thank you. Maybe when you have time sometime. An action like this would be quite useful. "Copy" in addition to "move". :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good idea.

Once the floating menu release is done I'll focus on some UI improvements :slight_smile:
(I'm getting there :joy: just a few more positioning & keyboard navigation bugs to fix)