control strip is missing after a recent update

Describe the bug

The control strip to the right of the BTT touchbar has disappeared after updating.

I can:
•go to touchbar settings in BTT
•uncheck 'show macOS control strip' – the btt bar flickers
•re-check it – the control strip comes back like it should and i can use it
•but, if I switch to any other window, including the BTT main window, by either clicking on the other window or by closing the btt touchbar settings window, the control strip disappears.

if I restart the computer, the control strip is gone as soon as btt starts

I am using current btt 2.625, current macOS 10.13.6, 2016 13" mbp

Seems to work fine here.

Maybe try to update to the latest version (2.636, should be available if you manually check for updates). Although I don't think there have been relevant changes.

Also make sure you haven't accidentally enabled app specific overrides for that functionality:

I'm unable to follow either suggestion.

BTT doesn't find a new version:

and that setting is greyed out: