Control Strip button and Default Touch Bar

I have a situation where I'm having one Control Strip button (for the default Control Strip) opening a touch bar group having some custom items.

Opening this group works for all apps that have their own touch bar configured, but for default touch bar (for instance, I don't have a custom touch bar for VLC) my Control Strip button (that opens a group) won't work, obviously, because a default touch bar is shown.

Are there any ideas how this could be worked around? For example, see if the BetterTouchTool Touch Bar is shown and if not, start it for the running app (with no items) so the group can be opened.

One key thing here is that I really like macOS' default Control Strip and BetterTouchTool's feature of having an extra custom button in there, so I'm okay with having workaround solutions for this issue.

@Andreas_Hegenberg - Able to shoot this one down if it doesn't make sense? :slight_smile: